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Dr. Roopam M. Gangurde
MBBS, MD Skin & VD

Proper skin care is very important to retain appearance confidence. Skin issues such as acnes, warts, and dark specks among others set a downer on your confidence level. Skinacea has all the answers to your beauty issues. Our skin doctors at skinacea can cleanse your longstanding skin issues with the guarantee of a gentle recovery.
We are among the best skin clinic in Nashik. Our gentle attention and advanced skin treatment options relieve worried clients at Skinacea.
We handle a diverse range of issues at our clinic, including infections and recovery from over pigmentation. You can easily set an appointment. Contact us or call us at our direct clinics numbers any time. We reply promptly and clearly to all your queries to assure you of the best dermatologist services.

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    Why Choose Us?


    With a rich experience, we at SKINACEA, a renowned skin clinic in Nashik,ensure that you are in thesafe hands of our Doctors and their team.
    Dr. Roopam Gangurde, is an expert inperfectly balancing clinical and dermacare, skilled at performing the various dermatosurgeries and aesthetic procedures. Choose the best MD SKIN consultant.


    Each innovation is carefully plannedby our dermatologist in Nashik, keeping in mind patient safety, and only after exhaustive clinical trials, our patients are exposed to the same.
    Our continuous investment in innovation ensures that our clients are provided with the safest, least painful, and highly result-oriented treatments for skin.


    We at SKINACEA practice a very strict regime to maintain the level of hygiene. We follow a specific set of practices associated with the preservation of health and theenvironment. Sterilization of equipment, safe disposal of medical waste, hand hygiene, water, and sanitation aredone as per the safest norms laid down by the medical fraternity.


    We use the best US-FDA approved laser machines, afew of them first launched in Nashik. Say No to Chinese and non-FDA approved machines. In the pursuit of satisfying the aesthetic desires of our patients, we at SKINACEA take utmost care and caution in providing the safest environment to our patients through continuous investment in technology, science and training.


    My experience in skinacea clinic was astonishing. The doctor is very polite and listens to all the problems of the patient very patiently. I came for my skin treatment, and now my skin is improving day by day. Probably the best doctor in Nashik. Thank you, doctor.

    Gaurav Likhar

    The clinic is beautifully maintained. Everything is well sanitised and the hygiene level is at its best. Dr Roopam has definitely the best hands and the best services in the city. I’ve got amazing results from her treatments.

    Mehak Issrahi

    My experience with Skinacea clinic is extraordinary. Not just I step out of the clinic all glowing and happy but also motivated and confident. I’m thankful to Dr Roopam for looking after us with all her focus. Even the staff of the hospital is sincere and friendly. Hospital is equipped with all the facilities and the latest equipment.

    Samveda Sonawane

    World-class skincare centre right in Nashik quality guidance in a very polite way.

    Saimaan Kh

    My experience with Skinacea clinic is extremely amazing! She’s a great doctor and my skin showed extraordinary results after being treated with several procedures. The staff and hospitality are great too!

    Dhanisha Aher

    Skin treatment all over is very good. The clinic is good and doctors are also very good… Nice experience.

    Nilima Bhole

    Excellent doctor, lesions to all your skin and hair issues, Great results. Had laser treatment at Skinacea skin clinic, totally satisfied with results…

    Renuka Kothavade

    I used to have a lot of pimples and pigmentation issue but dr Roopam Gangurde helped me to get perfect skin. Now my whole family visit this clinic for their skin issues and I recommend everyone to concern her for any sort of problem regarding your skin.

    Mansi Gaikwad

    Great experience and good equipment. Did facial laser, and other creams for acne and dark spots. Could see results for everything in 1 setting and 1st week.

    Nidhi Babaria

    I started my hair loss and skin treatment a few months back with skinacea…


    1. Roopam is skilled and qualified
    2. Staff is helpful and kind
    3. Clinic and ambience are good.
    4. About my journey with skinacea – I can see effective results about hair loss and my back acne has reduced too…
    5. I will recommend skinacea for hair n skin solutions.

    Ankita Valli

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