Pore size Reduction

Pore size reduction

How to reduce pore size is one of the most common requests I get. For really deep prominent pores, I use TCA CROSS, followed by laser. For moderate size pores I use high density ???????? – results are predictable, effective and permanent.

Facts on reducing pore size


  • Mild cases of enlarged pores can be treated with Beta Hydroxy Acid washes, and prescription Vitamin A cream
  • The size of your pores are determined by genes, as well as oil production
  • Patients who have oily or acne prone skin tend to have larger skin pores
  • Permanently enlarged pores maybe secondary to squeezing pimples and acne
  • Large pores can be treated with TCA CROSS or with laser resurfacing
  • These treatments offer a permanent solution for reducing pore size
  • TCA CROSS is ideal for very deep and individual enlarged pores
  • Fraxel laser gives a good overall decrease in pore size