Keep sensitive skin happy by avoiding these triggers

Sensitive skin may appear harmless, yet it can have a substantial impact on your daily life. Various factors like the foods we consume, the environment around us, and the activities we take part in have a profound impact on our skin. These conditions may not also be ideal for one's skin and cause potential harm. Hence by avoiding them, we can keep our sensitive skin happy-


Hot water

Although it may feel great to wash away the stress and filth of the day in a hot shower or a long bath, hot water can irritate sensitive skin by drying it out. Instead, use warm water and take shorter showers than 10 minutes. Baths without bubbles are preferable to showers because soaking helps moisturize the skin—but only for 15 minutes. Remember to moisturize afterward to keep your skin hydrated!

Too much soap

Soaping your entire body every day might dry up and irritate delicate skin, so go easy on the soap. Look for moisturizers that are hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and specially developed for sensitive skin when picking your soap.

Regular laundry detergents.

You might not realize it, but your regular laundry detergent could be irritating your skin. Choose detergents that are specifically intended for sensitive skin, and use dye- and fragrance-free laundry products to avoid discomfort. Fabric softeners and dryer sheets should be avoided since they often include perfumes and chemicals that irritate sensitive skin.


Fragrances are known to react with sensitive skin.. Look for fragrance-free skincare products, and don’t be fooled by “unscented” claims: this often means there’s a masking fragrance added to the formula, which can inflame sensitive skin. Applying perfumes or colognes on your skin could lead to the development of skin allergies due to a bad reaction on your sensitive skin.

Tight or scratchy wool and synthetic clothing.

Wool is notorious for being itchy and uncomfortable, and wearing it can set off an itch-scratch-itch cycle. Synthetic materials, such as nylon and rayon, can irritate sensitive skin since they don't "breathe" effectively and trap moisture within, causing rashes. Instead, I propose cotton clothing that is loose-fitting and breathable. If you're particularly sensitive, avoid items with tags or seams, and always wash new clothes before wearing them.

Saunas or steam baths.

Skin hydration is essential for persons with sensitive skin. It's for this reason that saunas and steam baths should be avoided, as the heated temperatures and steam can cause your body to lose water and moisture. Furthermore, bacteria thrive in these persistently damp places, which can cause rashes and irritation.