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What is it?

RF Cautery is a cutting-edge treatment for removing warts, moles, and other skin disorders that might otherwise necessitate surgery. RF cautery is a painless and rapid procedure that removes or reshapes lesions by passing radio waves through the skin.

What is the procedure like?

To transmit radio waves, our professionals will employ a handpiece with an active electrode. Different electrodes are used for different applications. An antenna plate positioned beneath the tissue in touch with the patient's skin focuses the radio waves.


  • Quicker operating time
  • rapid healing
  • less tissue damageĀ 
  • less post-operative discomfort


If RF cautery is used, the following dangers may be encountered:

  • Hyperesthesia
  • Skin infections near the injection site
  • During needle insertion, injury to nearby blood vessels and nerves causes severe bleeding and/or irreparable neurologic damage, resulting in long-term numbness and tingling.
  • Heat injury to the nerve's surrounding structures
  • The anesthesia used to numb the skin caused an allergic reaction.


Because this is a non-surgical process, there will be no downtime following the removal.
You will be given a local anesthetic, and once the effects of the anesthetic have worn off, you will be able to return home. Stretching and strenuous activity should be avoided.


Will the client have scar formation at the site of the procedure?

It's possible that a scar will appear depending on the size of the wart/mole. The scars are typically circular and flat. They'll be around the same size as the original skin lesion.

Does the procedure hurt?

Since RF cautery is conducted under anesthesia, pain and suffering are minimized. For a few days after the treatment, the client's skin may be sore.

Where on my body can have the treatment?

The client can have the treatment anywhere on their body

How successful is this procedure?

It is highly unlikely that the wart/mole will grow back after the procedure