Skin Rejuvenation

Skin Rejuvenation

Skin Rejuvenation

India has a mixture of skin types and skin colors, each with unique challenges. I work with you to create a plan that will allow you to achieve the best possible results. Indian skin is unique- along with the rules of skin ageing, darker skin types present with pigmentation issues, acne scarring and skin Conditions like melisma.

Facts on treating Asian skin types

  • Asian skin, just like Caucasian skin types follow all the rules of ageing.

  • Patients in their 20s often undertake acne scarring treatments and wrinkle prevention.

  • Patients in their 30s to 40s present with volume replacement and treatment of skin pigmentation.

  • Laser treatments in Ethnic and Asian skin are vastly different compared to treating fair skin patients.

  • My favored lasers are the TRI-BEAM laser, FRAXIS DUO combination of CO2 and Micro-needling RF.

  • These lasers are specifically suited for darker skin patients.

  • Acne scarring is more severe in Asian skin types, as scars often turn darker- a condition known as post inflammatory hyper pigmentation.

  • TRI-BEAM LASER is my treatment of choice for treating dark scars.

  • As with every Asian skin type the balance between skin texture, volume and skin tone gives the best outcomes.

  • Enlarged pores are more common in Asian skin- and my treatment of Micro-needling RF and PRP can markedly reduce pore sizing.

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