Know all about Tattoo Removal in Nashik

Tattoo Removal in Nashik

Many people in Nashik are interested in getting tattoos. Yes, it has become a new trend. However, some people also opt for removing their tattoos; you may be one of them too. 

You need to go to the best skin clinic in Nashik to learn the procedure’s basic information. We have collected all the details that can help you when deciding about your tattoo removal.

A tattoo a body modification in which a design is made on your body part with ink, dyes, or pigments. These are inserted into the dermis of your skin. Tattoos can be permanent or temporary.

Nowadays, people practice tattooing all over the world. Also, some tattoos may serve a therapeutic or medicinal purpose.

What are the types of tattoos?

There are different types of tattoos, which include:

  • Traumatic/Natural: Seen in coal miners because of coal dust getting in their wounds. It can be due to an accident or trauma when asphalt gets rubbed in their wounds.
  • Amateur /Professional: Serve as marks of status or rank, symbols of spiritual or religious devotion. It can be for artistic, magical, or cosmetic sentimental reasons.
  • Identification: It was done forcefully in Nazi concentration camp inmates with identification numbers. Symbols showing religious sentiments performed in children.
  • Cosmetic: It is a trend in the cosmetic industry for “permanent make-up” or neutralizing and hiding skin discolorations.
  • Functional: It is used for a purpose such as identifying an Alzheimer’s patient who has been missing.
  • Medical: It is used where a person may require continuous radiotherapy. Also, used in skin tones to cover Vitiligo, which is a pigmentation disorder.

Why you might need a tattoo removal?

Various social, cultural, and physical life changes may influence your decision to remove a tattoo, including:

  • When you get an Allergic reaction/ Infection
  • Regrets about your decision
  • When you are seeking new employment specifically in the hospitality or aviation industry
  • When you want to replace one tattoo with another

What you need to know before tattoo removal?

Here are some things to know before tattoo removal:

  • You can remove many professionally created uniform level tattoos.
  • New pastel and ink shades may be hard to remove. Yellow and Red are the most challenging.
  • Fading will occur with every session. You might require about four-six sessions.

How does it work?

Tattoos are no longer permanent and irreversible designs or marks on your skin. You can safely remove them with laser treatment.

The laser beam penetrates your skin to break the ink particles. The particles are removed with the help of your body’s immune system (scavenger cells) over some time.

It will lead to the fading of your tattoo. The laser energy will only target your tattooed skin leaving your un-inked surrounding skin unharmed.

Things to know before opting for a tattoo removal

Some points to know before opting for tattoo removal:

  • Usually, you can remove all your tattoos. The regular greenish blue pigment tattoos have a good response. Jet black tattoos may need some time to fade, as may reds and yellows in your tattoo. Also, your deep tattoos may need many more sessions. However, it will fade away with laser equipment.
  • You may require about four-six sessions, and in some cases, eight. It depends on the shade of your tattoo and depth. And, your body’s response to the laser.
  • You might not feel any pain or just a slight pricking sensation. Your doctor will use numbing cream around two hours before your procedure to maximize benefit and comfort. You will also be guided on the steps when you come for the consultation and can easily follow them.
  • The duration of a session depends on your tattoo’s size. In most cases, anywhere from five-ten minutes to forty-five minutes duration if your tattoo is large.
  • Immediately after your procedure, you may notice redness, swelling, and pinpoint bleeding points. All this clear’s gradually within three-five days.
  • Once you remove your tattoo, it is permanent. However, sometimes even after four-five sessions, there is ghosting, which tends to fade over time. The time and sessions to fade can depend on your tattoo color, depth, and intensity.

Remember, opt for an experienced skin specialist in Nashik for tattoo removal. It is necessary if you want to get the best results out of your procedure.

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