In Your 40’s

In Your 40’s

In your 40’s

Some say it’s all downhill, but I say it’s your new 30s! Yes, that is correct. With the latest in lasers, volume replacement and non- surgical eye-lifts, it is possible to transform your skin two decades younger. With four decades of sun damage, skin cancer and pre cancerous spots become an issue, along with persistent pigmentation and ‘spots and dots’. Laser resurfacing can address all these problems. Micro-needling RF can improve skin tone, and fillers can replace loss volume. This is my favorite age group to rejuvenate as the results can be outstanding, but at the same time natural.

Facts on looking after your skin in your 40’s.

  • Four decades of sun exposure will predispose you to skin cancer as well as pigmentation.
  • Red veins and rosacea (red face) are commonly seen in the 40’s.
  • Volume loss is more pronounced- especially in the mid cheeks and lips.
  • Eye wrinkles are now static and no amount of anti-wrinkle injections (BOTOX)will help.
  • Laser resurfacing, vascular laser and fillers can correct and refresh your 40’s to give your skin the glow of your 20’s.
  • Non-surgical skin tightening  procedures can such as Micro-needling RF can stimulate new collagen, and provide a natural, no down-time face lift.

40’s ageing-treatment and prevention

40’s is the new 30’s! My aim is to make someone who is in their mid to late 40’s look in their 30’s Once again it is the correction of texture, tone and volume. Mid cheek and tear troughs should be treated to prevent
eyebags. Filler is often needed around the mouth, and anti-wrinkle injections (BOTOX) should be used for prevention.


Anti-wrinkle injections(BOTOX) to the frowns and forehead area. Dermal Fillers to the mid cheek, and Freestyle Filling around the eyes and mouth. This reduces the look of dark circles, and reduces lines aroundbthe mouth area.

Recommended laser:

Pulse FRAXIS or CO2 Fractional for skin texture and skin tone. Consider getting both face and neck rejuvenated.

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