In Your 20’s

In Your 20’s

In your 20s.

Everyone in Nashik enjoys the outdoors and the radiant warm sun light. This is when skin pigmentation develops, and skin ageing begins. Taking good care of your skin at an early age will give you a foundation when you are in your 30s.

Facts on looking after your skin in your 20s

  • Sunscreen and good skin care form the basis of prevention
  • The aim is to prevent wrinkles- if it doesn’t crinkle it won’t wrinkle
  • In your late 20’s, a small correction in volume loss will make a huge impact on how you age
  • Skin texture can be improved with FRAXIS DUO laser
  • Acne scars from your teenage years can be removed forever

20’s upper face ageing-treatment and prevention.

  • In the mid to late 20’s, the aim of treatment is to prevent wrinkles, and to add the smallest amount of volume to the mid cheek areas.
  • This means the smallest amount of anti-wrinkle injection and filler to maintain youth.
  • When you are in the late 20’s, you want to look in your early to mid 20’s.
  • Don’t over do things, but it is the important time to prevent ageing. if it doesn’t crinkle, it wont wrinkle.
  • Product: Anti wrinkle injections to the frowns and forehead areas, dermal filler 0.5 ml ( very small amount to the mid cheek).
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