About Us

About Us

“To feel good, you also have to look good. Confident and attractive people have a head-start. In life, as they have higher self-esteem, set themselves higher goals, and are generally more successful.”

Panacea means a solution to all ailments, SKINACEA is synonymous with the solution to all skin ailments. Skin is the largest organ of the body and even the most visible, enchanting, and felt part. A healthy skin transforms into a confident your-self. In our endeavor to provide the best in skin, hair, laser, and aesthetics we envisaged SKINACEA SKIN CLINIC, a state of the art skincare facility in Nasik.

Being born and brought up in this holy city, it gives me immense pleasure to introduce it to our Nasik people. For a confident yourself we have a myriad of services from your first pimple to your first wrinkle, backed by the latest international acclaimed technology ( only US FDA-approved laser machines ), customization, and expertise. Each and every solution we offer is unique and personalized to you. More importantly, all the treatments are specially customized to Indian skin. What you get is an ideal combination of aesthetic and clinical care. So, no matter what you need – whether to enhance normal skin or solutions for acne scar, dark uneven pigmentation, tanned skin, wrinkles, unwanted hair, baldness, or any problem related to skin and hair, you can be sure you will find a
safe and effective answer !!! Never in Nasik, an approach to skin therapy for both men and women was so revolutionary and result oriented. Located in the upmarket and accessible location, get treated by the best and the righteous MBBS, MD SKIN, and VD consultant with expertise and experience in an environment that is hygienic, relaxed, and refreshing. Seeking blessings and support of the Almighty, my patients, seniors, colleagues and well-wishers.

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    Ketan Joshi

    A very competent professional, helped me completely transfom the way i looked at skin care.

    Smitha Pardeshi

    Dr Mayur has changed my idea of skin treatment to another level of confidence as i have always been advised well.

    Divya Mahajan

    The suggestions and the treatment that i got from him was absolutely great!!

    Parth Sharma

    I am vary much impressed with all the services provided by Skinacea clinic.

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